MKP Capital Management


A Long-term Approach to Alternative Investing


MKP Capital Management is a diversified alternative investment manager and has operated with a long-term approach to investing since our founding in 1995.  Each of our discretionary global macro, credit and relative value strategies share the objective of producing high risk-adjusted returns over the long term.  We believe that integrity and transparency are an essential and uncompromising part of our business model.  



Collaborative approach

MKP’s collaborative approach seeks to yield superior economic insights across its investment platform. The collaborative approach seeks to ensure that ideas and creativity are leveraged across the strategies below to the benefit of investors:

Global Macro – top-down fundamental approach to identify and exploit economic and financial
imbalances in asset markets

Credit core strategies include Agency and non-Agency residential mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities, corporate capital structure and collateralized loan obligations 


Risk management culture

MKP Capital is built upon a risk management culture that seeks to assist the firm in achieving its goal of providing absolute returns while minimizing drawdowns in varying investment climates.  MKP targets risk rather than return in order to preserve capital with the intention of generating stable returns over the long-term. MKP’s infrastructure, including an independent risk group led by our Chief Risk Officer, continually monitors all portfolio, market, and counterparty risks.

Integrity and transparency

Integrity and transparency are essential and uncompromising components of MKP’s business model. MKP has a distinctive culture built on six core values, and over a 20-year history. MKP Capital’s principals are personally invested in the firm’s success.